Cape Cornwall Coastwatch, St Just, Cornwall.

This is a conceptual study the location of which is the coastal lookout station on Cape Cornwall, a small and relatively basic building that is in a remote location specifically because it commands excellent views of the ocean. The design challenge with a site such as this is working with the limited access and services available. Materials for the construction need to be relatively lightweight to enable carrying by hand and the deisgn needs to be as economic as possible to keep the amount of materials required to a minimum, and the amount of time on site required to a minimum.
Much of this design can be pre-fabricated in easily tranportable insulated timber sections and constructed off site first then disassembled and re-assembled again on site ensuring a quick build time avoiding unforeseen issues during construction. The design also re-uses the existing concrete base with the same footprint as the existing lookout building removing the need for any poured concrete on site.
The aesthetics of the design are partly determined by creating maximum usuable space on the intside with a minimum of surfaces, and those surfaces are angled to provide optimised weather protection with lookout windows angled down to avoid glare. The angular exterior could be encased in a dark matt finished rubberised membrane, allowing the lookout to blend into the rugged coastline.