Royal Institute of British Architects
The Royal Institiute of British Architects is the UK body for architecture and the architectural profession. The institute was awarded it's royal charter in 1837 with the aim of promoting excellence in the profession.

All qualified architects will be registered with the Architects Registration Board which was established in 1997 as an independent statutory regulator for the profession. The ARB has the dual mandate to protect the consumer and to safeguard the reputation of architects.

An architect that is also registered with the RIBA is entitled to descibe themselves as a 'Chartered Architect' and an architectural practice that is registered with the RIBA may describe themselves as a 'Chartered Practice'. The advantage of employing a chartered practice is that they must have in place:
qualified RIBA Chartered Architects.
quality management system, health and safety, and employment policy.
appropriate professional indemnity insurance.
Continuing Professional Development for all staff.

This ensures that a Chartered Practice is better equiped to provide a professional service, where the interests of the client are carefully safeguarded and the services provided are of a consistent high quality.